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Asphalt Maintenance

Asphalt Emulsions

SUPERSEAL 100X is a mineral filled, fortified asphalt emulsion sealer system engineered to protect asphalt pavements from oxidation and moisture damage. This pavement preservation product can be used on all types of structurally sound asphalt pavement surfaces including industrial, commercial, residential driveways, bike paths, walkways, and playgrounds. Manufactured in Meridian, Idaho by Specialty Construction Supply.

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CSS-1 Emulsion
Our CSS-1 is available at all times in Southern Idaho, even in the winter season. Our CSS-1 meets local agency specifications for this grade of emulsified asphalt. It is used in the asphalt patching process as a primer to promote the adherence of the new asphalt to the old asphalt. Also used to adhere paving overlay fabrics to the old asphalt, in an overlay application.

Oil Spot Sealant

Poly Oil Seal is a quick drying specially formulated material made to be used over oil spot in parking lots to seal off the oil prior to the application of an Asphalt Sealant.

Asphalt Crack Sealants

Specialty Construction Supply has a wide range of premium crack sealants featuring name brands such asCrafco and Maxwell Products.  These materials are heated in either a oil jacketed or direct fired melter and applied to cracks of various sizes.

Especially formulated so that the packaging and everything can be placed directly into the melter.  It eliminates waste without emitting any additional fumes.  Meets ASTM 3405 & D6690 Type 2 roadway sealant specifications.

Crafco has a wide selection of crackfiller for differing applications and climants call us for help in selecting the best sealant for your application.

For estimating sealant amounts needed for a particular projects see the Sealer Usage Calculator at

Asphalt Crack Backer Rod

Asphalt Crack Backer Rod is designed for the purpose of “Pre-Filling” cracks in asphalt that are deeper than 1/2″ in depth.

The heat resistant foam material seals the crack prior to filling the crack with sealant with rubber it pre-fills the space which saves on the amount of material used in the crack filling process.  Proper placement of the backer rod leaves approximately ½” of crack left for filling.

Kold Flo

Kold Flo    is a cold applied modified asphalt emulsioncrack filler that is ideal for repairing cracks in roads, pavements, driveways, concrete foundations, parking lots and other asphalt or concrete surfaces. It is a cost effective and fast curing asphalt crack repair solution for sealing cracks from weather’s destructive freeze and thaw cycles.  Perfect for the homeowner that doesn’t have the equipment for commercial crack sealing.


Crack-Stick ¼”, ½”, ¾” sticks for easy crack filling a, homeowners dream.  Simply melt the stick directly into the crack.

CSX 900 Torch for melting the crack-stick directly into the crack

Crack Filling Squeegee

V-squeegees and U-squeegees in push or pull styles

 Ideal for applying hot or cold pour crack filling materials.

*Durable one piece construction.

*Flexible neoprene squeegee rubber.

Pothole Patch UPM

Pothole patching material that gives a pavement repair solution that outlasts the surrounding pavement over 90% of the time.  UPM Cold Patch is easy to apply year-round, and stays in the pothole permanently.


Gator-Aid® is a blend of an asphaltic emulsion, mineral fillers, glass fiber, ground rubber and plasticizers designed especially for alligatored areas. It is also used for filling cracks in excess of ½” in width on any asphalt surfaces.  Gator Aid is formulated to use as mastic to fill in alligatored areas prior to seal coating.

Seal Coat Application Brooms

Seal Coat Application Brooms;

bristles provides a smooth texture for applying asphalt sealants.  Bristles not affected by sealants or petroleum.

24”, 36” Sealcoat Application Brooms w/handles

    7” Cutting Edge Broom

**All handles are available for purchase separately or as complete brooms.

Seal Coat Strip Brooms professional, heavy duty, metal backed brush applicators.  Strip Brooms are built sturdy for repeated use.

24” Seal Coat Strip Broom

36” Seal Coat Strip Broom

Edging Strip Broom

6’ Handle, T-holder available separately.


GeoTac is a peel and stick waterproofing membrane that is used in paving, bridge decks, waterproofing and other construction applications where moisture barriers are required.  GeoTac is composed of a polymer modified asphalt waterproofing membrane adhesive that is bonded to a non-woven polypropylene geotextile.  The adhesive layer adheres to most surfaces and provides a moisture barrier on contact.  The geotextile protects the adhesive surface from damage during paving or other construction activities.  GeoTac comes in various sizes to accommodate crack repair in parking lots to wide widths for bridge decks.


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