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Drilling Materials

Drilling Materials

Specialty Construction Supply is committed to meeting all of your drilling and mining needs. We strive to incorporate industry leading fluids and drilling additives to keep your project up to speed. Newpark Drilling Fluids has created one of the most advanced set of lubricants on the market. The NDFX series has been stated by many drillersand Mining Reps to be the best product ever to come into the mining industry. Our drilling fluids are not only superior in today’s market, but are also specifically designed to be environmentally friendly.

Materials Description

  • NDFX 233 Drilling Mud
  • NDFX 242 PHPA 50% Drilling Mud
  • New PHPA 30% Drilling Mud
  • Soda Ash AquaBloc
  • Pac R Drilling Mud
  • Dyna Fiber
  • New Gel Bentonite
  • Tube Lube
  • Black Widow Rod Grease
  • Shredded Paper
  • Abantonite


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