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At Specialty Construction we have been serving southern Idaho contractors for over twenty years. Our large staff of sales personnel can supply your project with almost anything you need to get the job done.

We supply contractors, subcontractors, landscapers, earthmovers, pavers, pipe-layers, home owners and asphalt contractors with a wide variety of essential construction products, from erosion control to geotextile. Peruse our products page and you will see that we carry most everything you will need to build a road, construct a building pad, slope and grade a construction site, you name it. From steel galvanized pipe to weed barrier fabric, we carry it all or we can get it for you. Our stock items include (but aren’t limited to):

  • Pavement Maintenance Products (asphalt sealer, crackfiller, sealcoat, etc.)
  • Geosynthetics (Geotextiles/Geogrids)
  • Construction Supplies (paint, shovels, stakes & lath, safety supplies, etc.)
  • Deicer and dust abatement (Magnesium Chloride)
  • Corrugated Metal Pipe (CMP)
  • Erosion Control Products (silt fence, wattles, erosion control blankets, geojute, gabions, etc.)
  • Concrete tools, cures and fiber reinforcement
  • Sales of traffic control devices, signs, & equipment

If you have any questions regarding pricing, item availability, or special orders, or to make an order, contact one of our Inside Sales persons:

Meridian, Idaho Branch: (208)322-6800

Idaho Falls, Idaho Branch: (208)522-3242

Bret Hendricks:

If you have questions specifically regarding erosion control products and installation, you may also contact our Erosion Control Specialist, Kevin Bussert:

If you have specific questions regarding geotextiles and geogrids, you can also contact Greg Lotridge:


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