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Traffic Control

Specialty is a full service contractor for traffic control, with the largest supply of signs, trucks, devices, arrow boards, message boards, attenuators and flaggers in the valley. We also design M.U.T.C.D. compliant traffic control plans.

From the largest heavy highway project to the smallest utility project like a simple gas line repair, Specialty can get your project safely on and off the road.


Specialty employes over 10 trained certified Traffic Control Supervisors (TCS’s) as required on most Traffic Control projects. By keeping a large staff of fully trained and certified flaggers year-round, Specialty can staff large highway projects with capable traffic control personnel and still respond to emergency traffic control situations more quickly than any other contractor.

To request flaggers call (208)322-6800


With a stockpile of thousands of MUTCD compliant signs, portable stands, drums, and delineators, Specialty has the traffic control devices your project requires, and we have them all year round. We maintain a fleet of over 20 electronic arrow boards, several message boards, and multiple sets of NCHRP 350 compliant crash attenuators (sand barrel arrays).

To request traffic control rental devices, contact Jeremy at (208)322-6800.


By maintaining a fleet of over 50 trucks and staffing them with qualified setup personnel, Specialty can deliver, setup, and maintain the maximum number of traffic control projects. We can respond to your setup requests faster than any contractor in the valley, from simple road closures and lane restrictions involving flaggers and arrow boards, to freeway closures and detours.


In our constantly changing construction environment, the right budget is critical for your traffic control project. Whether you are searching for a lump sump price or an itemized breakout of our service fees, Specialty can inform you on exactly what a project entails and how much it will be.

For a traffic control estimate or budget contact Daniel Kircher at (208)322-6800.


For permitting, for preliminary budgets, or for peace of mind, Specialty can provide you with an MUTCD compliant traffic control plan for your next roadway project. From a small flagger operation to interstate detours, Specialty has the software and experience to design a traffic control plan for you.

To request a traffic control plan contact Jeremy at (208)322-6800.


Persons performing the duties of a flagger are required to be trained and properly equipped to perform their jobs according to the most recent addition of the Manual of Uniform Traffic Control Devices (MUTCD). Individual State Certification may be required by contract, and the American Traffic Safety Services Association (ATSSA) is a recognized certification by the Department of Transportation. Specialty offers a 4-hour course designed to satisfy Federal, State and Local flagger certification requirements.

For information about our next ATSSA certification course contact us at


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