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    Silt Fence - Wirebacked

    SKU 460200

    This variation on the traditional Silt Fence style provides rugged, reliable, and low maintenance silt control. Wire Backed Silt Fence will effectively protect storm water drainage systems from fouling with silt, and will protect you from environmental liability due to silt leaving your project site. Our Wire Backed Silt Fence is constructed with a three-foot high wire backing, covered with a woven polypropylene filter fabric. The galvanized steel supports the fabric in an upright position, even under substantial loads of silt and water. A fabric apron extending beyond the wire allows the material to be securely trenched into place. The apron extends across the anchoring trench beneath the Silt Fence, and helps to anchor the fence and prevent undercutting. Specialty can provide metal T Posts and ties to secure the Wire Backed Silt Fence in position.

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