Geosynthetics encompass a broad variety of synthetic products that are used to stabilize terrain during construction projects. The eight product categories include: geotextiles, geogrids, geonets, geomembranes, geosynthetic clay liners, geofoam, geocells, and geocomposites. You can learn more about what these products do below.

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Types Separation Reinforcement Filtration Drainage Containment
Geotextile X X X X --
Geogrid -- X -- -- --
Geonet -- -- -- X --
Geomembrane -- -- -- -- X

Geosynthetic Clay Liner

-- -- -- -- X
Geofoam X -- -- -- --
Geocells X X -- -- --
Geocomposite X X X X X



Geotextiles are textiles created using synthetic fibers instead natural fibers like cotton or wool. They’re typically woven but sometimes knit into porous fabrics. The usage of synthetic fibers increases the durability of geotextiles.


Specialty Construction Supply offers three types of Geogrids: Uniaxial, Biaxial, and Tensar® TriAx®. Geogrids are not woven like geotextiles - instead, they are grid-like polymers.

Uniaxial Geogrid: This type of geogrid is used for soil reinforcement, often on steep slopes to prevent sliding during construction projects. They are also used in the design of retaining walls, and have a variety of other construction uses.

Biaxial Geogrid: Biaxial geogrids are used to reinforce and stabilize soil. It has a high load-bearing capacity, which is useful in difficult soil conditions as well as in reinforcing weakened roadways. It can also reduce the required section of roadways.

Tensar® TriAx® Geogrid: This proprietary geogrid is manufactured using a patented "punched & drawn" process. It's enhanced strength and multi-dimensional properties provide an improved alternative to other conventional types of geogrids. This helps reduce base course sections and potentially reduce the necessary thickness of asphalt.


Geonets are made from polyethylene resin and formed in in a net-like pattern. They are used for the draining of liquids or gases, and are available in three categories: biplaner, triplanar, and other (typically with protruding columns or box shaped channels).


Geomembranes are synthetic barriers or membrane liners used to control fluid migration. They’re used as liners for brine solutions, waste liquids, and potable water. Geomembranes also are used as floating reservoir colors that prevent pollution, or even under lightways to prevent pollution from deicing salts.

Geosynthetic Clay Liners (GCL)

Geosynthetic clay liners, also known as clay blankets, are hydraulic barriers to liquid or sometimes gas that have very low permeability. These liners are effective at retaining seepage inside of landfills, which is important so that seepage can be collected and disposed of in compliance with environmental laws.


Geofoam is manufactured into large blocks and is made from either expanded or extruded polystyrene. It’s used for a variety of purposes including drainage, lightweight fill, compressible inclusions, and even thermal insulation. It has a low density and high strength, and does not break dwn or pollute soil.


Geocomposite materials combine the best aspects of different geosynthetic materials to address specific construction applications. The specific functional aspects are: reinforcement, filtration, separation, drainage, and containment. This is accomplished by using a variety of composites (combinations):

  • Geotextile-geonet
  • Geotextile-geogrid
  • Geomembrane-geogrid
  • Geotextile-geomembrane

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